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Dr. Habermann-Veterinarian

Iíd like to take a moment to tell you a little about myself and my practice philosophies. I attended the University of Georgia for both my undergraduate as well as doctorate work and graduated in 1990. During my time in veterinary school, I worked for several weeks at the Toledo Zoo in Ohio giving me the foundation I needed to work with the exotic pets I enjoy so much. I also spent two months at a place called The Animal Medical Center in New York City. This is a 7 story full service hospital which operates almost exactly as a human hospital does. After graduation, I took a position at a clinic in Cumming Georgia, and worked there until May of 2000. During my time in this practice, I had the privilege of being able to practice the highest quality of medicine available to pet owners in these modern times. My experiences include extensive internal medicine workups as well as difficult but rewarding orthopedic surgeries. During this time, I was also employed at the Animal Emergency Clinic of North Fulton where I gained valuable experience in emergency and critical care medicine. I was President of the North Metro Veterinary Medical Association for a year and also the Chairman of the Peer Review Committee for the North Atlanta area. The latter is a group of vets who mediated between dissatisfied pet owners and their veterinarians in situations where the two parties had disagreements in the way their petís cases were handled. I also spent at least one day a month talking at the different area schools about general pet care, my experiences at the zoo, and the veterinary profession as a whole. I believe this type of education is paramount to pet owners as well as students who think they may want to choose this field as a career.



Monica has worked at the clinic since we opened. She is from Colombia, South America. She is a veterinarian and graduated from Veterinary School at Universidad Nacional de Colombia. She has been living in the United States since graduating in 2000. Monica enjoys watching movies, coin collecting, playing piano, traveling, and learning about different cultures. She lives with her daughter, Melissa, her two Persian cats, Nicholas and Pepe, and her dog, Luna.



DeNaye has been with us since March 2004. She has learned a tremendous amount about pet care since working here and continues to increase her knowledge everyday so she can be helpful to our clients. She is from originally from Gainesville and now lives in Dawsonville with her husband, Michael and their two boys, Jackson and Logan. DeNaye enjoys pottery, playing tennis, making jewelry, listening to music, and spending time with her family at the park.

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